Foil blister contains 1 piece. A cardboard box can contain from 1 to 4 pills.

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Medicine Cialis 20 mg - almond-shaped tablets, covered with a yellow film.

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A drug containing a type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor is a powerful drug to increase potency. Cialis, the use of which is necessaryagree with the attending physician, requires detailed familiarization with the instructions described below. The medication must be taken, taking into account the recommendations contained in the memo.

The tablet is intended for oral administration; The permissible dose for men with a high need for sexual activity is 5 mg every day

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The tool should be used at the same time, regardless of food intake; Individual characteristics may require a reduction in the norm to 2.5 mg; If the need for sex occurs every 7 days or less, 20 mg of tadalafil is prescribed immediately before the planned intimacy; The latest when you can drink the medicine is a quarter of an hour before the start of the sexual intercourse; Cialis is intended for a single dose per day, more frequent use of pills can lead to an overdose and negative consequences; If there is a history of kidney and liver diseases, adjustment of the optimal dosage is not required, the same applies to elderly men; The permissible rate of the drug per day is 20 mg.

The first signs of the effect of using Cialis begin after 20 minutes, the drug is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and begins to affect the body.

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After about 40 minutes, a stable and pronounced erection occurs, provided that the partner stimulates the penis. The main reason for the popularity of tablets is their long duration of action. It is noted that the effect of using the drug lasts for one and a half days, and a man can make successful attempts to carry out repeated sexual intercourse. Many patients consider it an advantage to be able to combine Cialis and alcohol. It should be remembered that the effectiveness of the drug can be maintained only with moderate alcohol consumption. Excessive passion for alcoholic beverages will negate the results already obtained, in addition, you will have to stop the course of treatment.

Despite its popularity, not all men can take Cialis. Contraindications to use are absolute and conditional.

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Reviews of real patients confirm that the drug is really compatible with alcohol-containing drinks. Many of those who undergo a course of Cialis therapy do not deny themselves a glass of wine or a mug of beer, and believe that the effect on the body of the drug does not decrease after such a combination. In the case of the latter, it is possible to start therapy, but under constant medical supervision due to the possibility of complications. Combination with medications aimed at treating erectile dysfunction; Combination with drugs containing nitrates; Diseases of the heart muscle and blood vessels, excluding sexual activity; Eye pathologies leading to complete or partial loss of vision; Renal failure; Lactose deficiency in the body; Allergy to the components of the drug; Age under 18.

It is permissible to take Cialis, but with extreme caution, when
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Severe liver failure; Diseases that provoke priapism; Anatomical curvature of the penis.
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IMPORTANT: an overdose of Cialis is expressed in an increase in negative symptoms.
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The appearance of undesirable symptoms from various organs and systems can also provoke the chemically synthesized drug Cialis
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